Rocket a Golden Retriever at Fiesta Island

Dog Pictures & Photos at Fiesta Island of Rocket

golden retriever pictures by dog photographer in san diego at fiesta island

Rocket was an amazing Golden Retriever. Very calm, composed, and loving. It is no wonder Rocket is a certified therapy dog. Rocket and his owner Teresa do lots of volunteering therapy visits to the VA hospital, UCSD, sr. care centers, libraries, etc.. Teresa is very proud of Rocket and all the joy he brings to some many people. She told me that the vets, elderly, and children get so excited when she brings Rocket to visit. Teresa contacted me because she wanted a really nice portrait of Rocket by himself and also with her. We scheduled a dog photo shoot at Fiesta Island since they lived close by. We met up early in the morning and Rocket had so much fun running up and down the beach and fetching for his ball in the Mission Bay. Being a Golden Retriever you can imagine how much he loved to swim. Thanks to Teresa for giving me the opportunity to photographer Rocket the Golden Retriever.

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