August and Cheyenne at OB Dog Beach

Dog Pictures & Photos at Ocean Beach Dog Beach

danish swedish farm dog photos in san diego at ocean beach

This was my first photo shoot with the Danish Swedish Farm Dog breed. The 8 year old dog was Cheyenne, who was extremely mellow and did not stray to far from her owners Mike & Linda. She was super sweet and after petting her a couple times, I found her to be my little sidekick and tagging along by my side. The other dog is a 1 year old named August who definitely had by far the most energy out of all the other dogs at OB Dog Beach. August for 60-90 minutes was absolutely non-stop running laps around the beach. He was also a ball junkie, which was quite funny at times. At one point August turned the entire OB Dog Beach into a track doing laps from the waters edge down the river and back around the soft sand to the jetty. Not to mention at 1 year old this Danish Swedish Farm Dog seemed to be taking notice of every single dog at the park. Making sure to inspect every new dog on the beach. This was really a fun photo shoot and challenging trying to keep up with August the Danish Swedish Farm Dog.

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